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Animals in Italian - Italian names for common animals

Animals in Italian

Learning the basics in any language is the first step towards fluency and learning how to say dog or cat in Italian is elemental for any simple conversation you may encounter. This kinds of lessons are fun and easy to assimilate and will help you later to compose basic Italian phrases.

In the list below you will find over 30 names for animals translated in Italian from English, expand your vocabulary and practice your pronunciations.

Learn basic Italian words for common animals

English                              Italian                             
animal animale
ape scimmia antropomorfa
bear orso
bird uccello
bull toro
cat gatto
chicken pollo
cow vacca
deer cervo
dinosaur dinosauro
dog cane
dolphin delfino
duck anatra
elephant elefante
goat capra
gorilla gorilla
horse cavallo
lion leone
lizard lucertola
mammal mammifero
monkey scimmia
mouse topo
octopus polpo
orca orca
owl gufo
pig maiale
puppy cucciolo
rooster gallo
salmon salmone
shark squalo
snake serpente
tiger tigre
tuna tonno
whale balena

If you are an absolute beginner in learning Italian, we recommend you bookmark or write down the animal names in Italian listed above. If you want to improve your Italian vocabulary further, start learning Italian using a professional language learning platform available both as a web-app but also that can be installed on your mobile device.

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