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Animals in Chinese - Chinese names for common animals

Animals in Chinese

Learning the basics in any language is the first step towards fluency and learning how to say dog or cat in Chinese is elemental for any simple conversation you may encounter. This kinds of lessons are fun and easy to assimilate and will help you later to compose basic Chinese phrases.

In the list below you will find over 30 names for animals translated in Chinese from English, expand your vocabulary and practice your pronunciations.

Learn basic Chinese words for common animals

English                              Chinese                             
animal 动物 / dòngwù
ape 猿 / yuán
bear 熊 / xióng
bird 鸟 / niǎo
bull 公牛 / gōngniú
cat 猫 / māo
chicken 小鸡 / xiǎo jī
cow 母牛 / mǔ niú
deer 鹿 / lù
dinosaur 恐龙 / kǒnglóng
dog 狗 / gǒu
dolphin 海豚 / hǎitún
duck 鸭 / yā
elephant 象 / xiàng
goat 山羊 / shānyáng
gorilla 大猩猩 / dà xīngxīng
horse 马 / mǎ
lion 狮子 / shīzi
lizard 蜥蜴 / xīyì
mammal 哺乳动物 / bǔrǔ dòngwù
monkey 猴 / hóu
mouse 鼠 / shǔ
octopus 章鱼 / zhāngyú
orca 逆戟鲸 / nì jǐ jīng
owl 猫头鹰 / māotóuyīng
pig 猪 / zhū
puppy 小狗 / xiǎo gǒu
rooster 公鸡 / gōngjī
salmon 鲑 / guī
shark 鲨 / shā
snake 蛇 / shé
tiger 虎 / hǔ
tuna 金枪鱼 / jīnqiāngyú
whale 鲸 / jīng

If you are an absolute beginner in learning Chinese, we recommend you bookmark or write down the animal names in Chinese listed above. If you want to improve your Chinese vocabulary further, start learning Chinese using a professional language learning platform available both as a web-app but also that can be installed on your mobile device.

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