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Arabic Hotel Vocabulary and Arabic Phrases for Hotels

Arabic Hotel Vocabulary

If you are traveling to a Arabic speaking country, some of the most basic Arabic phrases you will probably need to learn and pronounce first will be hotel related conversations. We've gathered and listed 30 useful Arabic sentences any traveler will find useful whether on vacation or a business trip.

Top 30 Useful Arabic Phrases for Hotel Conversations

English Arabic
Do you have a vacant room? أعندكم غرفة خالية؟‬ / 'aeindakum ghurfa kahliya?
I have booked a room. ‫لقد حجزت عندكم غرفة.‬ / Laqad hajazt aeindakum ghurfa.
I need a single room. ‫أحتاج لغرفة سرير واحد.‬ / 'ahtaj lighurfa sarir wahid.
I need a double room. ‫أحتاج لغرفة سريرين.‬ / 'ahtaj lighurfa sarirayn.
What does the room cost per night? ‫كم سعر الغرفة لليلة؟‬ / Kam siear alghurfa lillayla?
Can I see the room? ‫أيمكن أن أرى الغرفة؟‬ / 'ayumkin 'an 'ara alghurfa?
Fine, I’ll take the room. ‫جيد، أنا آخذ الغرفة.‬ / Jayid, ana a'akhoz alghurfa.
Here are the keys. هنا المفاتيح.‬ / Huna almafatih.
Here is my luggage. ‫هنا أمتعتي.‬ / Huna 'amtieaty.
What time do you serve breakfast? ‫متى يكون الإفطار؟‬ / Mata yakun al'iftar?
What time do you serve lunch? ‫متى يكون الغداء؟‬ / Mata yakun alghada'?
What time do you serve dinner? ‫متى يكون العشاء؟‬ / Mata yakun alaesha'?
The shower isn’t working. ‫الدُش لا يعمل.‬ / Aldosh la yaemal.
There is no warm water. ‫لا يوجد ماء ساخن.‬ / La yujad ma' sakhin.
Can you get it repaired? ‫أيمكنكم أن تكلفوا أحداً يصلحه؟‬ / 'ayumkinukum 'an tukalifou 'ahadan yusalihuha?
There is no telephone in the room. ‫لا يوجد تلفون في الغرفة.‬ / La yujad telephone fi alghurfa.
There is no TV in the room. ‫/ لا يوجد تلفزيون في الغرفة.‬ La yujad telefizion fi alghurfa.
The room has no balcony. لا يوجد شرفة للغرفة.‬ / La yujad shurfa lilghurfa.
The room is too noisy. ‫الغرفة صاخبة.‬ / Alghurfa sakhiba.
The room is too small. ‫الغرفة صغيرة جداً.‬ / Alghurfa saghira jidan.
The room is too dark. ‫الغرفة معتمة جداً.‬ / Alghurfa moeatima jidan.
The heater isn’t working. ‫التدفئة لا تعمل.‬ / Altadfe'ah la taemal.
The air-conditioning isn’t working. المكيف لا يعمل.‬ / Almukayef la yaemal.
The TV isn’t working. ‫التلفزيون متعطل.‬ / Altelefizion mutaeatel.
I don’t like that. ‫هذا لا يعجبني.‬ / Haza la yoeajibuny.
That’s too expensive. ‫السعر غالي جداً.‬ / Alsiear ghaly jidan.
Do you have anything cheaper? ‫أعندكم ما هو أرخص؟‬ / 'aeindakum ma hwa arkhas?
Is there a youth hostel nearby? ‫هل يوجد بيت شباب بالقرب من هنا؟‬ / Hal yujad bayt shabab bilqurb min huna?
Is there a bed and breakfast nearby? هل يوجد بنسيون بالقرب من هنا؟‬ / Hal yujad bansyon bilqurb min huna?
Is there a restaurant nearby? ‫هل يوجد مطعم بالقرب من هنا؟‬ / Hal yujad mataeam bilqurb min huna?

If you are an absolute beginner in learning Arabic, we recommend you bookmark or write down the phrases listed on this page. It may come in as highly useful once you check at your hotel.

Prepare for your vacation now and avoid embarrassing situations at the hotel!

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