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Animals in Arabic - Arabic names for common animals

Animals in Arabic

Learning the basics in any language is the first step towards fluency and learning how to say dog or cat in Arabic is elemental for any simple conversation you may encounter. This kinds of lessons are fun and easy to assimilate and will help you later to compose basic Arabic phrases.

In the list below you will find over 30 names for animals translated in Arabic from English, expand your vocabulary and practice your pronunciations.

Learn basic Arabic words for common animals

English                              Arabic                             
animal حيوان / hayawan
ape قرد / qerrd
bear دب / dop
bird طائر / ta'er
bull ثور / thawr
cat قط / qitt
chicken دجاج / dajaj
cow بقرة / baqara
deer غزلان / ghizlan
dinosaur ديناصور / dainasour
dog كلب / kalb
dolphin دولفين / dolpheen
duck بطة / batah
elephant فيل / feel
goat عنزة / anza
gorilla غوريلا / ghourilla
horse حصان / hisan
lion أسد / asad
lizard سحلية / sihlya
mammal ثديي / thadyy
monkey قرد / qirrd
mouse فأر / fa'r
octopus أخطبوط / okhtuboot
orca اوركا / orka
owl بومة / pumah
pig خنزير / khinzir
puppy جرو / jarw
rooster ديك / deek
salmon سلمون / salamown
shark قرش / qirsh
snake ثعبان / thoebaan
tiger نمر / nemr
tuna تونة / tuna
whale حوت / hout

If you are an absolute beginner in learning Arabic, we recommend you bookmark or write down the animal names in Arabic listed above. If you want to improve your Arabic vocabulary further, start learning Arabic using a professional language learning platform available both as a web-app but also that can be installed on your mobile device.

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