Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Months of the year in Chinese

Months of the year in Chinese

One of the essential words in any vocabulary are the months of the year. Together with the days of the week, numbers and the colors make up the building blocks of learning any new language. Learning the months in Chinese represent the first steps towards achieving the beginner level. Repeat and practice the translations from English until you assimilate them by heart.

Months of the year in Chinese: English to Chinese translation

English Chinese
January 一月 / Yī yuè
February 二月 / Èr yuè
March 三月 / Sān yuè
April 四月 / Sì yuè
May 五月 / Wǔ yuè
June 六月 / Liù yuè
July 七月 / Qī yuè
August 八月 / Bā yuè
September 九月 / Jiǔ yuè
October 十月 / Shí yuè
November 十一月 / Shíyī yuè
December 十二月 / Shí'èr yuè
Months 月份 / Yuè fèn
These are six months. 这是六个月。/ Zhè shì liù gè yuè.

If you are an absolute beginner in learning Chinese, we recommend you bookmark or write down the Chinese months of the year listed on this page. If you want to improve your Chinese vocabulary farther, start learning Chinese using a professional language learning platform available both as a web-app but also that can be installed on your mobile device.